Bilim Turkey includes workshop classes designed in 7 different themes, where students are actively trained. Students can participate in the pre-announced trainings in these workshops for one hour. In addition, students who want to enroll in workshops for a long time can make reservations for package programs and benefit from training in all workshops.

Students aged 6 to 14 who apply for weekday and weekend trainings through an appointment system continue their training in our interactive and fun workshops.

Students from 6 to 8, 9 to 11 and 12 to14 age groups can participate in the workshops listed below, both with their schools and individually.


* Natural Sciences Workshop includes such subbranches as ecology, physics, chemistry and human biology.


It allows students to discover themselves and find a way to express their feelings and ideas. For instance, applications in different art branches such as drawing, painting ceramics, weaving, canvas, etamines, epoxy, jewelry, marbling art, illumination, miniature, string art, felting art, painting glass, origami, painting wood, painting stone, mandala art, banner design, hand-drawn art, dried flowers, wired dolls, macrame and calligraphy, wood design.


Mathematics workshop is aimed at breaking students’ prejudices towards mathematics and make them comprehend mathematical concepts unwittingly. For instance, mathematical concepts such as natural numbers, whole numbers, fractions, calculating, patterns, data processing, probability, symmetry, geometric shapes, angles, field, volume are taught through the everyday life problems and game methods.


It supports students to turn them into a technology developing generation by improving their skills in robotics and coding. For example, applications in such topics as, building a simple robot, making a movie and animation, developing a mobile application, 3D modelling and production, photoshop, augmented reality, energy technologies are performed.


Astronomy and Aerospace Workshop is aimed at arousing students’ curiosity about space and universe. To give some examples, concepts such as the earth, sun, planets in the solar system, exoplanets, stars, meteors, and deep space terms are taught with activities and experiments

Enterprise Workshop

In the Science Turkey Entrepreneurship Workshop, it is aimed to train the entrepreneurs of the future by providing training to young age group students on topics such as developing ideas on entrepreneurship, taking initiative, risk analysis, cost calculation and market research.


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