The show hall, in which the artificial images of the sun, stars, planets and other celestial bodies are reflected on the dome-shaped ceiling with the help of a special reflector, has the feature of being the best planetarium in our country with its 14-meter diameter and high-resolution feature. The "Bilim Üsküdar Planetarium", a complementary element of many trainings and experiences in Space and Astronomy, is a first in Turkey with this feature. 

The Story of a Cell

It tells our protagonist’s story in their journey to cell, which is the smallest unit of a living thing. It is an animated movie that tells the story of a cell becoming a human being while dramatically visualizing organelles and their function in the cell.


The movie visualizes the history of engineering in which how most of the devices used in our ordinary lives have been developed as a consequence of the space technology and how the human intelligence and technology have advanced are told by taking the audience on an incredible journey from the known furthest points of universe to our own planet.


It describes the requirements to become an astronaut and to go to space, what physical and mental training processes one needs to go through, the clothes astronauts wear in the space, and how they spend an ordinary day in the space.

Habitat Earth

It is a documentary-like movie which tells the story of formation of the nature, its energy, food chain and processes through traces of an ant and, the movie takes the audience on a journey in nature by exciting them. The shots are striking and make the audience feel as if they lived in a painting. This artistic interpretation of nature makes the audience experience an unforgettable journey.


The movie describes the characteristics of some planets in the solar system, the system’s gravitational force, the milky way galaxy, the other stars in the galaxy, star formation, the Big Bang Theory, formation processes from subatomic particles to what we call matter today, and 4 essential forces in the universe.


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