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Bilim Turkiye Summer Term Internship Program

Applications for summer internship programs have started in our centers where Bilim Turkiye Education Programs are implemented!

Applications for internship programs have started in 10 different centers in Istanbul, Ankara, Erzurum and Gaziantep, where Bilim Turkiye Education Programs are implemented.

In our centers, there are Technology, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Astronomy & Aviation, Design and Entrepreneurship Workshops for the 6-14 age group. Intern applications from many fields such as PCG, Entrepreneurship and Medicine will be accepted to the program, which will primarily accept the students of the Faculty of Education to take part in these workshops.

The internship program will take place in the summer period and covers a 2-month period in July and August. It is required to be included in the program at least 2 days a week for 2 months. Certificates will be given to our trainees who complete the program.

The duties expected within the scope of the program are as follows;
-To assist the workshop instructor during workshop trainings.
-To support the curriculum development studies.
-Student and parent communication
-To act as an exhibition guide and planetarian, if available at the center.

Deadline for application is June 26, 2022!

Click here to apply for the program.


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