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Algorithmic Coloring Book On Sale!

Algorithmic Coloring Book developed for children aged 6 and over is for sale on book sales sites!

It is very important to carry out activities that support the development of hand-eye coordination, visual perception and attention in early childhood. However, algorithmic thinking skills, which include mental processes such as reasoning, analysis and evaluation, which are the prerequisites of learning, and which form the basis of the inquiry approach, should be acquired in early childhood.

In this book, children try to find the hidden image by painting according to the color and number indicated in the box. Thus, visual perception, hand-eye coordination, attention development and algorithmic thinking skills, which are considered the basis of coding, are provided.

You can access the Algorithmic Coloring Book of T3 Foundation Publications, developed for children aged 6 and above, on TEKNOFEST Store and all book sales sites.


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