Spreading the concept of science centers, which are inteded to bring science and technology to larger audience in the society, throughout Turkey, Bilim Türkiye aims to raise awareness and increase interest in these fields in every layer of society, especially in our children and youth.

In this context, it includes applied trainings for 6- to 14-year-olds within Bilim Türkiye's Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Technology, Astronomy & Aerospace, and Design Workshops, and a traveling exhibition area with 25 to 50 different experimental setups intended for all age levels.

It is aimed to embody the abstract concepts learned at school and allow people to discover and internalize these concepts on their own with a hands-on approach with applied workshop trainings and experimental setups. Thus, it provides an opportunity for individuals to observe science and technology in everyday life and how abstract scientific events work in practice.




The show hall, in which the artificial images of the sun, stars, planets and other celestial bodies are reflected on the dome-shaped ceiling with the help of a special reflector, has the feature of being the best planetarium in our country with its 14-meter diameter and high-resolution feature. The "Bilim Üsküdar Planetarium", established to be a complementary element of many trainings and experiences in Space and Astronomy, promises a unique day to its visitors with all these features.


Applied workshop trainings comprised of original content are provided to primary and secondary school students in a total of five different fields: Astronomy, Aerospace workshop, Technology workshop, Mathematics, Natural Sciences Workshop (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), and Design Workshop.

Exhibition Spaces:

It consists of eight main interactive exhibition spaces with such themes as Communication, Robotics, Automotive, Finance, Aerospace, Energy, Natural Sciences and Medical Technologies. In addition, "A World of Discoveries" exhibition space and traveling exhibitions on different topics in Turkey and around the world wellcomes its visitors at Bilim Üsküdar.

Startup Center:

At the startup offices located in Bilim Üsküdar, infrastructure and expertise support are provided to entrepreneur candidates in order to help national technology startups to emerge, grow and open to the world market.

Target Audience:

Our target audience includes all segments of society from young and old alike, especially students aged 6 to 14.


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